Machining Services

and Other Services



Line Boring

Cylinder Repair (sleeve install)

Flat and angle milling

Crankshaft grinding

Crankshaft polishing

Rod Resizing

Engine Balancing (Rotating Assemblies)

Thread Repair

Tig Welding general aluminum repair

Flywheel Surface

Many Many more.......

Engine Rebuilding

Long Blocks (with cyl heads)

Short blocks (without cyl heads)

Diesel Engines

Performance Engines ( from boosted 4 Cylinders to 640 ci Big Block Chevy)

Complete Tear Down

Inspect Block

Jet Clean

Bore and Hone (if Applicable)

Install New pistons, rings, main and rod bearings

New Seals and gaskets

Camshaft, lifters, timing set

New oil pump

Reman rods (if Applicable)

Reman Crankshaft (if Applicable)

Rebuilt Cylinder Heads (if Applicable)

 Cylinder Head Rebuilding

 (which may include but not limited to)

Jet Clean (Aluminum) detergent

Pressure Test (extra)

Bake and Shot Blast (Cast Iron)

Walnut shell Blast (Aluminum)

Machine Valve seats and Valves to factory specs

Inspect Valve train components (valve springs etc)

inspect for cracks (mag) Cast only

New Valve stem seals

Valve guide replacement (extra)

Valve seat replacement (extra)

Broken Bolt Removal (extra)

Flat Mill (extra)


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Complete Automotive Machine Service

We do not work on cars or trucks we are an automotive machine shop that works on the internals of an engine.

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